Our Vision

ZaveryCakes was created because we were tired of boring, misshapen, uninspired pancakes and cold sugary unhealthy box cereal for breakfast. We always envied the chefs, pancake artists and celebrities with personal cooks who have perfect fun pancakes made for them daily. Not everyone has that time or skill set. It was then that we knew that we had to create a new way for the everyday parent and everyday fan to create the perfect pancake every time.

ZaveryCakes ultimate mission is to provide our customers with an everyday way to make their fandom fun and tasty at breakfast. In a world that moves fast, take a moment to see your favorite character come to life with ZaveryCakes pancake mold.

The community at ZaveryCakes has never been satisfied with limited and boring breakfast options. We feel that there is not a single product that understands our fandom and our desire to have a great breakfast.

Let's stop eating cold breakfast out of the box.

Bring your favorite character to breakfast with you.


Our Founder's Story

Lorin started playing basketball at age 11. The challenge was her parents didn't want her to play because basketball was predominantly a boys sport. And her coach didn’t see her playing past high school because she was too short.

Lorin has always stated that "I like to think everyone's opinion changed the minute they saw me play on my grade school's all-boys team."

In high school, Lorin won three straight state championships. She was a McDonald's All-American, named Mrs. Basketball of New York and Gatorade Player of the Year. She received a full scholarship to play for the University of Connecticut under Geno Auriemma. Where Lorin went to four Final Fours and won two National Championships. It was one of the most valuable experiences of her life.

Playing basketball was how Lorin got her determination to find a way when the road in front of her was blocked.

After college, Lorin needed that mindset because life tested her determination and faith. A severe knee injury cut her professional career short, and she did not know what her purpose would be next.

"Thankfully, I've been told no before. I've failed and got up every time" she has said. Having her niece tell her that she hated her boring misshapen pancakes gave Lorin the motivation she needed to take on her next challenge in ZaveryCakes.