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Step into the iconic world of Colorado's quirkiest town with our 'Kenny McCormick' South Park Silicone Mold. Capturing the essence of the muffled-voiced, parka-clad enigma, Kenny whisks your culinary experiences to the edgy streets of South Park. Meticulously shaped from 100% food-grade silicone, Kenny ensures that every treat carries a hint of rebellion, humor, and the unexpected twists of life in everyone's favorite animated town. Whether you're firing up a late-night snack for a South Park binge or sharing a meal with fellow fans, Kenny infuses every bite with a dose of nostalgia and character-driven humor. True to our 'Cook With Culture' ethos, this mold celebrates pop culture, treasured memories, and shared chuckles. With Kenny by your side, dine with a dash of satire and a hearty helping of misadventure.